Low Lands Adventure b a d c
When photographer David Gilkey headed off to Cuba to shoot an assignment for NPR, the photo editor told him that there was one cliché he should absolutely avoid: cars. Upon returning with many car shots Gilkey told his editor:Here’s the thing: Cuba’s cars are impossible to ignore. It’s like seeing a celebrity and trying not to stare. They run through the streets, not so quietly, in bright colors, carrying sometimes half a dozen Cubans from place to place. Maybe you aren’t a car lover. Maybe you love bikes. Imagine showing up in a city and almost everybody is riding vintage Schwinns.My sentiments exactly David. b a d c
Mill St. Sylva NC b a d c
A Little Girls Best Friend - Black Mountain NC b a d c
Angel Oak - Johns Island SC, USA b a d c
250 V b a d c
Man Dressed in Orange in Doorway - Havana Cuba b a d c
Onion Man - ColorSwatched b a d c
Havana Street b a d c
Weather-Tite - Havana Cuba b a d c
Craggy Gardens b a d c
Spring Cut b a d c
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